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My anxiety level is reduced when I start a new project whatever it is. I know that I can achieve what I want when I put my mind to it. I also know how to divide projects, and even challenges in my personal life, into smaller parts and tackle each part separately with the means and resources at my disposal..

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„We understand that some may choose to leave Akron to continue in their sport at another university, and we have committed to offering them our full support throughout that process,” Williams said. „This is a difficult day for all of us. We have dedicated student athletes, coaches and athletics staff who have embraced being a Zip and make tremendous contributions to campus life in class, in competition and in our greater community.”.

Governments reacted similarly in their initial response with lockdowns and travel bans. SARS caused 8,096 positive cases worldwide with 9.6% fatality. Comparatively, COVID 19 caused over 4.8 million positive cases worldwide with 6.6% fatality or 319K deaths.

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